Mariusz Patyra: Love Song

Mariusz Patyra is one of the most outstanding Polish violinists of the younger generation. Artist is a world-class virtuoso, each of his concerts is a proof of unusual, rare talent. Paganini Millenium Tour was performed by artist with quintet called Simfonia Viva in 2014. Mariusz Patyra was born in 1977 in Orzysz, beautiful place in Polish Mazury region. He started playing the violin at the age of seven. His teachers were: prof. A. Hoffmann in Olsztyn, prof. J. Kucharski in Warsaw, prof. K. Wegrzyn in Hannover and Maestro Salvatore Accardo in Cremona. The best recommendation for Mariusz Patyry is the fact that as the first and so far the only Pole in history won the prestigious International Violin Competition "Premio Niccolo Paganini" in Genoa in 2001 and won the special prize for the best performance Caprices by Niccolo Paganini and a copy of the violin "Il Cannone" (Cannon ), which belonged to the great master and virtuoso.